Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

General Questions (9)

Do I retain full copyright?

Yes. You retain full copyright of your work. We are work for hire producers and are paid no royalties.


Does my location matter? What if I’m in a different country?

No, your location doesn’t matter as everything is done online. You can get top quality production no matter where you live. The producer will record, mix and master, then send it to you as a wav file through e-mail.


How long do you keep files?

We keep any files pertaining to your project for 1 month. After that they are deleted.


If I send a CD or tape to you can I get it back?

Sorry, we do not mail back any submitted material.


How do I find a vocalist for my project?

We work closely with PureVocals.org. Pick a vocalist from their site or another vocalist from our demos if you wish and we will have it recorded and mixed in with your production. See the fees for vocalists on their site.


What if I want HitWorksWest to record and mix the vocal?

Our producers will supervise the vocal recording and mix and master your final song for an additional $65. Not including the vocalists fee.

You can let us know which vocalist you like and we can give you a quote.



Can you help me place songs in the industry or put me in touch with industry leaders?

Sorry, we cannot put you in touch with anyone or place your songs.


What is your Refund Policy?

All sales are final. There are no refunds except in special circumstances deemed reasonable by HitworksWest.com


What Payment Methods do you accept?

At this time, we only accept payment through PayPal. Once we receive the initial down payment, the work will start. All projects are final, there are no refunds. However, your complete satisfaction is our goal. we will work hard until we get it right.